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So we may journey together
Through our Hearts and Souls
Be it of Stories yet to be told

Gratitude ~ LOVE ~ Respect

About Jennifer

Welcome to Spiritual Links. My passion is to encourage through Shamanic Reiki techniques to strengthen our connection to nature and self. 

My learning is life experience; being a mum for which I am eternally grateful, and working with aged care over many years. My delivery is through my heart and the persistence of what I have to do, what I’m here on Earth to do, which is share and encourage people to connect with nature. Why? Because this supports our everyday living and our spirit selves.

My Specializations


An effective universal life force energy, Reiki is taught in one day workshops to join you on your journey in life.  

Shamanic Reiki

Reiki Shamanism are nature energies, entwined they offer vast techniques to call upon with whatever the client may present in a session.


Join Jennifer for a guided meditation in nature, with the locations changing with the seasons.

“Come walk with me. Share what you hold inside. Allow the dirt between your toes. And earth spirits to rise. Surround us Laugh, join in our joy and celebrate on this day. A day of thanks and appreciation. Of being able to walk on Mother Earth. And enjoy what she has to offer. I give thanks.”

– love Jennifer


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