I would like to share with you a short story that was inspired by an art piece I had fun creating.

Images of a warrior, fierce looking creatures, a seer are some shapes that catch my attention. The story evolves as I stare at the shapes perhaps the unconscious comes forth and that which stands out to me is a shaman’s journey that landed here on earth, the energies of:
I Am, I am this also I encourage you, as you begin to read, inhale some deeper Breaths, slowly. As you read the following may you feel infused with the power of Breath, allow the strength of Breath remind you to continue your life’s journey.
With each Breath you inhale and exhale, know you are important to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness, that which supports the Word, some know the Word to be described as Love,
Light, I Am, Breath, Universe or God, whatever your descriptive Word to be, variety of names are vast. I have many descriptive words that I attempt to express an energy I feel or sense. Many energies, including myself have many names, it is what it is.
Observing the art piece there’s an energy who is travelling through the atmosphere, there presence is of a warrior, a sense of determination oozes towards me, they have a mission. The urgency to hit the ground running on Earth, a mission created many eons ago. It brings much joy to be part of, to birth it on Earth and nurture it.
In flight towards Earth, the wings I see with the warrior give an impression of becoming unattached, not so, I am reassured they are simply folding.
They shall not take away my wings, nor place them in a pit of fire to be disintegrated, so as never to be resurrected. They are encased within one’s body, when awoken they will support one’s flight. This is not a punishment, its placement is simply used in different energy-spheres for different purposes.
A battle is taking place, when such solutions are to be seeded upon Earth by many lightworkers, the battle intensifies as the journey towards birthing on Earth was to take place. The journey for birthing is happening Now.

As Above/So Below.
Once landed, they witness and experience torture, shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, restrictive thoughts and actions that they have been indoctrinated to live by. These are but a few of the challenges of which they battle. I see challenging creatures in this art piece that are distorted or to be of such beauty to deceive us, they may be the trickers, the mind games, whatever the whoever’s, their appearing so as to distract us, slow you down, so they can feed their energy systems, their collective energy systems, so they thrive. What or who do they extend the vast collection of energy to, not worth my energy of exploration anymore.
I surrendered to death/rebirth again, a Shamans journey. When we surrender, it finally allows the initiation, the transformation to take place. The initiation into what or the transformation to whom, perhaps no words describe it, I’ll call it personal growth.
The days, weeks, months, years or life times, I practice the stop controlling technique or try to and surrender. Surrender to the shamans journey.
Allow love, light, essence of truly who I am to engulf me, because I can. Surrender seems uncomplicated and no webs attached, yet I complicate it, and not only caught in the web, its tangled, knotted ad oh what a mess. When torment begins to ease, I manage to untangle some knots, learn to walk, even glide your way out. It would be fine to question if you’ve wandered from the inner to outer of the web, well many times. Has the web been wiped clean and built again, many possibilities seem likely. The constant battle with the mind, what’s with that? the aches and debilitating thoughts again. Not just the mind, the body and surely the soul, one not without the other, let’s not leave out the lineages, lifetimes and multidimensional connections.
Within this web a spiraling hole of more Earthly challenges are experienced, a bottomless space, darkness, travelling the shaman’s journey here on Earth. Death and rebirth throughout my visits here.
Are any of these experiences just mine, well no. This is about the collective, collective consciousness.
As I continue to allow the art form speak to me, I am grateful for the spirit connections, within and without, the spiritual connections that support me to climb out of the hole, to not be stuck in that web. I learn once again how to communicate, the importance of supporting others, holding space for those that may be experiencing darkness, or constant unpleasantness. Encourage others to discover the belief in themselves that they too can climb out of the hole, not to be caught up in the web of limitation, or darkness. The web that’s sticky, controlling and debilitating thoughts.
Let us together be supportive of others, so they navigate their way out of a dark hole, detach from the web of lies that control and disconnect our souls to who we are.
May we be connected to the web of life, to cosmic learning and Love, connected to I Am, God, Light or Universe.
Once again an inhale of Breath, slowly….and slowly exhale. If a memory stirs or a feeling that a part of this story resonates with you, maybe you too Hit The Ground Running.