In my meditation I cry with tears and see, feel mother earth also crying.  I now realise my tears are of her feelings of tiredness and diseased by what we feed her.

I am one with her so I cannot help but feel her pain.

I am born of her, we are part of her, you feel pain when she does and happiness when she does.

The smoke I see over her is large, her bareness from chemicals poured over her, the burning and falling of trees, the millions who war for a piece of land, in the belief that they own her.

Overwhelming and suffocating.  No wonder it’s difficult to breath.

She is willing to share herself with everyone, but they need to treat her well and with respect, she wants and need love like we all do.  She is willing to give a piece of herself to everyone who lives on her, she has plenty to share, but she also needs to be honoured in the way she deserves.

Walk and take care of her and you will experience the same back.

She is a great teacher, sharing her wisdom, her knowledge of billion of years on how to keep her well, how to walk at one with her,

Feel her heart beat,

Which is your heart beat,


Every creature who wishes to share some time with her.

Know she provides plenty of food, water and forest for you.

It’s all before you

Learn to give thanks.

How grand is she………………………   Thank you Mother