Recently I had become unwell. When I had the opportunity I spoke with my guide and told him I can bear it no more. He spoke with me about, speak no ill of oneself anymore, know that you are a good person, and teach others what it is we must do to help respect and love mother earth.  The poison I feel flow through my veins, they teach me are the pollutants we constantly put down our drains, spray foods we ingest.

 The pain and madness I am feeling is how mother earth feels, can you imagine, not just one but thousands of us clean with harsh chemicals in our homes.  This goes out through our pipes to water systems, our streams, creeks.  The water flow is suffering, Mother Earth is efficient with cleansing, but she too can only work so fast and do so much.

 People do not see past the surface of the damage that they cause, if they see it, they go, oh look, that doesn’t look good, but the poison is deeper than that, we are in need of the many great spirits to help Mother Earth, knowledge of our future children and the Wise ones witll help others understand the changes that need to take place.  You have become complacent thinking that you cannot make a difference, but you can and you will.