Sharing a short presentation that was required while studying Mental Health in aged care.  It was to represent what we found difficult during the study.

My story is called Puzzled Minds. With my story, I had three puzzles for people to do while I shared my story.

I’ve added a few more stories from some of my experiences in relation to mental health struggles. My heart to yours if any of these are your experiences.

– Puzzled Minds –

Some puzzles I present today, A little different

But fun for me and Maybe you

They come apart, Put back to the start

Pass them onto your neighbour, please do

The first, the start, the easy part, chain and ball


There’s a lot to learn

Horseshoe and ring, My this can be a confusing thing

PTSD got me thinking again,

Of a story once told, but not quite understood

Of a man who wakes crying

Shaking, Feeling ill,

Anger and rage

Lonely, not trusting



He speaks of his nightmare, of young people he killed

She comes to him nightly

Smiling at him in his sleep

His head hurts

It’s so real

She tells him she’s happy, forgiveness is present

But that’s Something he can’t give himself


Her face

Her sweetness

Her warmth is a nightmare

It tortures him, its time for a drink


The third comes apart

But don’t ask me how

I understand most, just can’t work it all out


This brings to mind a story

As mental health studies manages to do

I decided to share yet another story with you

As I explain the conversation ahead, picture that some parts are thoughts in my head

Phone rings, I answer, the voice is familiar

He tells me his name, Tom, Dick, Harry, oh Who?

He goes by but a few

I respond, he continues, he’s upset, not happy

Out of Mental Health home for good, that’s his home, his security

His safe place gone, he’s now out in the community…


Living on his own, so many people, too much space,

He speaks of mum and dad, so far away from them

I listen, I respond, time went on


I thought he was doing so well, he talks, he talks, I listen some more

He continues, wife, son, social worker, are all involved too


You know he doesn’t need me to say much at all

He just needs to air that he’s feeling alone

And does anyone really care

Time with his son, he feels so much at home

But his wife supervises, he cant be left alone


He continues to say why he rang today

To the library, he wants to visit, but how

Climb aboard some transport, its safer to stay at home


The people will stare, they watch me, they shout

They look, point and judge

They judge what, where I’m going

Try to figure me out


We work through this one ambition

He really wants to achieve

Just to get on the transport

Face them

Be relieved


I drank shampoo last night

Two bottles in all

He threw in


Boy where did that come from

Silence from me

He continues, he continues

On about it all


He just said it to shock me

Make me feel sick to the core

Ok, he says I’m sorry

The shampoo is all a lie


But did or didn’t he

That’s not the point to explore


Sometime has passed

I know its time to wind the session down

He must move on, face the town

But most importantly

Remind him, reassure

We’re here to always

Take his phone call