My guides are many, animals, ascended masters, angels, Pleiades, elemental star beings, muti coloured, muti linguistic, muti dimensional and galactic warriors.  

 Tribe of Many Colours teach me. As do people.

So thank you.

Red Moon

Bewilderment of moon, rises before me

Face of wonder, shine upon me

Caught between two branches, slide gently over one’s space

Does the goddess call, will she speak tonight

I’m sure she will

Her glow spreads, her message strong

Blessed be my family and families

Blessed be my old friends and new

Blessed be my children and their futures

Of friendships and laughter

Of memories and good times

Blessed be


My prayer for this earth and all her children

My prayer for many, if not all

To wake each morning and support each other

To bring joy, laughter and humility in the right manner and love to many, to all