If you sit still for just a moment longer, you’ll notice oh so much more.

Not just the water falling from the waterfall.  You see the white wash building upon boulders near by, hear the frog that sends his message loudly to the sky.

Illusion, transformation, a cleansing taking place.  It passes through your every being, cell deep.

I as my guide which path to take, listen, hear the water speak. You do not have to be salmon always, just go with the flow.

Yes, go down stream. Smiling, I thank and farewell the children, whose laughter echoes from a shallow pool, elders watch them carefully, they too dangle their feet to keep cool.

Before I go on downstream, a gathering of thanks is taking place.

As I sit and meditate, I’m taken underneath, my hands and fingers dig deep into Mother Earth,

Let your senses feel and hear the spirits that walk beneath the dirt.

Give thanks for this connection to the spirits who join in

To celebrate the beauty that surrounds us, and is within.

Downstream I find a place to ponder, to open up the mind

Nature starts to speak with me, oh my

The tree I now sit under, seems so concrete where it lies, but the guides tell me different, they say open your eyes.

I look around not quite understanding of the lesson that they teach.  Across the stream I notice boulders taking shape, they change from ancient space men, No, I think it’s a snake.

Trees rustle, creak and sway, water trickles, spins and stirs.  Then over to the left of me, I’m told, you must observe, to see, to understand, there, the stump, its centre hollow.

Then layers appear of bark, within bark, and bark within bark, within bark,

Is this lifetime, within lifetime, Within lifetime,

Yes, it’s all interwoven.

A dragonfly distracts me, it hovers to the waters’ edge.  Then a light bolb moment about this stagnant pool. It has much to teach me, it has much to offer. Lessons of this stagnant pool was just starting over.

He Who Words Blow In The Wind goes on to teach me that the stagnant pool has its purpose, it can teach me patience, a time to heal, learn, study and contemplate your inner workings beneath the water.

The stagnant pool is patiently waiting for the next stirring from above or around.  Watch the insect that hovers over, its scanning the workings of below, now and then it makes a slight touchdown to change the top layer, the inner pool can see what is happening and realises it too will have to make some changes to keep up with the insects decision of a little stirring.

The pool must be very patient, if you look around, other parts of this stream are very different, some whirlpools larger than others, stirring in different directions and speed.  Other elements, wind, rain and sunshine help make the decision when changes will come.  Though the pool looks to be lifeless, it still watches and observes, its mind ticking over and taking in all that it sees.

It becomes excited and can no longer keep its learning to itself, it asks for help from others so it can move on and also share its leaning.

All the other elements are happy to help, they wish to join in to learn from the stagnant pools observation, so they may all grow together.  It becomes an exciting time to share.

Each knowing these times come and go, share our knowledge, our learning, and we will continue to grow.

Observation of nature is a way in which I will teach, to help you understand the depths of connection between you, nature and all on Earth. It also supports our spiritual connection to all.

We ask that you will help people, especially the young to learn, take time to reconnect, see the beauty, feel they belong, this is a home for them and many.  Take pride in their home, appreciate what Earth has to offer.

Earth wants us to feel her heart beat, hear the same rumbles from the sky before rain, allow the surrounding colours soak through our skin once more and live.

Sharing the following stories that have developed during meditation, channelling, listening to spirit guides or from people. They teach me about many subject matters, such as nature, greed, jealousy, love, kindness, gratitude, mental illness, there is a long list, so I enjoy sharing.