May we sing into existence whatever it is we hope for. For our fellow connections, for ourselves.

 In knowing some of their journey they have undertaken this lifetime, let our presence bring some peace, to relieve them of any pain they may be still carrying.

 Know we walk side by side, because we can. Hand in hand if we want, moving forward in love and joy.

 Experience joy with the harmonics we can channel to share with others, to be blessed with the universal stories that travel along the streams of light, its vibrations.

 Sing into existence the new tones, words that inspire you and others. Be creative, share your creations, let the joy be felt by the expansive variety of personalities we are. New songs, new stories to be told.

 In service for yourself and others, let joy and love energy enter your daily life.

 May the love song continue as my heart space heals and expands within.  No where to hide as love energy oozes throughout one’s body and awakens its wings. No where to hide as joy energy is being sung into existence to support the awakening of one’s wings.

 Oh this is how one convinces ones wings to strengthen and take flight again.  I had no idea how or if it was possible for those wings to appear on Earth.

 The solution of those unused wings forever present within me, preparing to share the messages that take  flight , the messages of Joy and Love. There is Hope.

 I hope wherever you may be, know your wings, metaphorically speaking, are expanding and carrying you to be lighter as you walk, speak and then encourages us to remember the light we are.

 Having the support of your wings, that are developing, so they sparkle like the gems held within Mother Earth and the stars that surround us.      Together, Earths gems and stars are reminders of ways to recharge your wings and to charge your Mind, Body and Soul, so you continue to be of Light.

 Not forgetting the anchor point of wings at the back of your heart space. Pull out any back stabbing, disabling energies that linger there, replace by visualising in that stillness space, where it became difficult to receive the light, Sing, call upon the Gems, call upon the Star energies to fill this space with the love of light, joy of flexibility and growth.

 May we accept our new challengers that will be placed in the stillness of our heart, to burst with excitement so as to experience life.

 Know the joining of Forces are singing into existence for all to be in our Heart space.

 Universal harmonics, new vibrations are been heard and felt with much love, joy and hope to remember our spirit self.

Call upon the healing properties of the gems from within Mother Earth to rise and be placed throughout your body, mind, soul.

Call upon the wisdom of the stars to shower over you and share its knowledge that is needed for self and to share with others.

Know your wings will be electrifying and glow as the Gems and Stars do.

You are preparing to walk lightly on and with Earth.

May we embrace fearlessly and with some deeper breaths when needed, to continue to express ourselves and even

 Dare to Enjoy moments we share with joy and love from our heart.

       Sing into existence the Love, Joy and Hope you know that is calling from within to be expressed and experienced.        

Love Jennifer