Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones are ideas to encourage self-care, connect with nature, be creative.

   As you read the following steps, I encourage you to read the steps out loud to yourself, may the messages be  received with the vibration of love, gratitude and respect from me to you. Feel the message within, so let it sit with you, be patient as you spend time practising the steps.

Love Jen

Stepping Stones


Staying Grounded, be present, create opportunities to be in NATURE, sitting, laying on the ground, bare feet on the ground. Give yourself at least a week of daily practise.

Visualise energy from you, connecting through your feet into the EARTH.

Or say it with intention. Example: My intention is to be connected to earth, from my core to Earths core. Be patient and give yourself some time as you try this or any of the following suggestions.

Example: If you lay flat on the ground, try to take some breaths in/out slowly to try to relax your body into the ground.

Close your eyes and let yourself Feel.

Take a moment to taste the wind, (tasting the wind? Mouth slightly open, let the air with breath in travel over your tongue). This is a Shamanic way of learning what is before us. Taste what is coming your way.

When you taste the air, take the breath in slowly. Let this breath go down your inner body and to your toes, then into the earth.

Then again, breathe in slowly, down through your body, then to your heels, then again to your feet, then into the earth.

You are Grounding.

Step 2. GROUNDING/ CLEANSING the Auric field:

Take advantage of the puddle of WATER that sits on the ground after the Rain has fallen.

Bare feet in the puddle is refreshing, as is sometimes to inhale the cleansing smells after rain. Allow the inner child to have a splash.

If you’ve been feeling any unwanted energies around you, sweep with your hands these energies and release into the puddle. The natural evaporation process will take care of these energies. Or will be washed away, either way

Nature knows.

A shower or bath waters when washing over you, set your intention for cleansing the auric field. Let it wash away any unwanted energies down the drains, allow nature to support you, allow nature to cleanse and heal the energies that are no longer need be stagnant on or near you. Set your intention to rid of unwanted energies.

Smudging is another method that is used for cleansing the auric field. Sage, gum leaves or your own mix of herbs to smudge. I enjoy making my own smudge sticks, growing the plants, drying them, binding them together to use for smudging. Use your intuition, what suits you, do what is comfortable for you.

Let the art of Grace be embodied as you give yourself this graceful act of smudging. Breathe

Step 3. GROUNDING/STRENGTHENING connection for self.

The first couple of steps are about grounding/cleansing and strengthening connection to Earth, and the Waters.

So we may walk on Earth LIGHTLY.

Post 4. BASE chakra (Muladhara) and SACRAL chakra (Svadhishthana)

We have been strengthening our Base chakra and roots to Mother Earth, we now visit the Sacral Chakra, lower stomach area. 

Some ideas to incorporate into your life for the sacral chakra is to allow some movement into your life. Perhaps yoga, walking, dance or swimming. Listening to music or playing an instrument.

Dancing, jogging or running allows for sensual expression and closeness to spirit. Many artistic or sporting opportunities give ecstatic feelings of being close to spirit.

We are strengthening the Sacral chakra, tap into your transpersonal resources.

Ignite your Creative Self.

Maybe its writing, drawing or painting.

Playing with clay is grounding and allows a creative masterpiece to transpire.

Your Grounding and allowing Creative Self be at play.

Reignite something you are passionate about, bring back into your life, something you enjoy doing. Give it a go or try something new. Write a list, of old and new ideas.  Be patient as you allow yourself to incorporate these into your life again, or to try new skills.

Bring in some colour that relates to the different chakras, whether its new clothing, or try free flowing items that you feel good to wear.  Nourish yourself with foods and water to enhance your vitality.

Have some JOY.

Step 5. SELF HEALING/Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Place one hand on your heart area and the other hand over your stomach area, the Solar Plexus. Or both hands on your stomach area, whatever you feel comfortable to do. I encourage you to make the time to do both of these.

With the inhale and exhale, allow the body to relax and sink into self- healing.  

Be kind to self, give yourself some time for self-healing and connecting with your solar plexus.

Inhale and Exhale

The solar plexus area, a place of endless wisdom is stored here.

Like a bucket that hangs on a Well to be lowered down to collect water, let your breathing sink into the solar plexus within you and retrieve what it is you may need to know for self-healing.

{The untapped Well

The self-sabotage

Oh, then the next question of self-sabotage

Fear it is

Of not what or who I am, but

Of who or what I am}

{this exert came up for me, so I’m sharing}

Inhale and Exhale

Put some music on if you like and relax into self-healing

Close your eyes, breath down into the solar plexus, retrieve. Inhale and Exhale

Be at peace. Relax. Breathe

May your knowledge, the wisdom you hold within this space, rise through your heart space and be expressed.

Step 6. SELF CARE- Heart (Anahata), Throat chakra (Vishuddha) and 3rd eye (Ajna)

Self-healing is Self-Care

Move hands into the following three positions intuitively. Inhale and Exhale

Be patient

Invite universal healing of Light

1. So one hand on forehead (3rd eye) other and at back of head, find the intuitive spot at the back. Inhale and Exhale. Invite universal healing of light.

2. Move hands to next position, (when you feel to) move just above 3rd eye.

Move the other hand that is at the back slightly upwards as well.  Inhale and Exhale    

3. One hand in front of throat, other hand in back of throat area. Inhale and Exhale

Inviting universal healing of light

We’re balancing the energies.


Be patient with self.  Hold these positions as long as your comfortable to do so.

Step 7. Relax Rest Have a nap…

Have some moments to self, relax, rest or have a nap. Remember you can read all through these post, then go back and try some over a longer period of time. So maybe grounding daily for a week, or when you feel you need to. The more we practise grounding, the quicker we are able to do this anywhere when needed.

Step 8. Gratitude: I Am grateful for…………. Gratitude and Joy.

Give yourself a moment to say to self what you are grateful for.  Write a list so you can see it, be creative when writing if you like, use different coloured pencils, crayons etc.

 Joy: What represents Joy to you? Say it to self or write it. Create a collage with pictures or words and put it somewhere you can view it as a reminder of what Joy is to you.

 Remember you can add to your list whenever you like, let the process of discovering or rediscovering what Gratitude and Joy mean to you.

As you let yourself think about Joy and Gratitude, close your eyes, after you’ve read all of this, visualise the symbol 8, or infinity symbol in your stomach area, Solar Plexus.

The centre of the eight, (infinity symbol), is in the middle of you.

Tracing over and over the symbol, by visualising, call in the energy of Gratitude and Joy to travel on the infinity symbol. 

Let the symbol expand into your auric field.

Be patient, relax into it.

Give Thanks

Step 9. REST

If you have been reading and practising these steps, like really working at it, you may be in need of a rest.  Recognise when its moments we need to Rest.

Step 10. Cosmic Sings in Light and Tones Rekindle all its Magic

Invite the magic of cosmic harmonics to shower over your crown chakra (top of head), (Sahasrara) to gently make its way over and through your bodies and Auric field.

 This is lovely to do outside in nature. A great way to invite the universe to take you on journey in meditation. 

As above-So below

Step 11. Dreams

Dreams Drifting

In the Ocean

Sink deep to core of Mother Earth

Heart beats receiving

Shouts of fire

She has heard

Tones, Light, Cosmos calling

Flashlight breaks, so it seems throughout the sky

Are we all just emerging

Once Again

You and I

A song from the cosmos…..

Step 12. Simply Be………Be Present

My higher self, my future self, my past self and my ancestors.  May we allow the harmonics of our universal hearts rejoice in celebration as we TAKE SOME BREATHS INTO YOUR HEART SPACE in memory of who you are.  Let the heart space expand as you witness with each breathe, the universe, the light IT is.  The light within.

Take your time reading and doing this.

Like the sun’s rays we witness in the sky, let these rays be placed in our heart centre, fill your heart space and within your body with its glorious light, keep filling your heart space and body with the sun rays, keep filling your heart space and body with the sun rays, be patient as you keep filling, then let the rays continue to expand outwards.

Give to yourself, your body, so expand the light out the front, out the back, out the sides, above and below. Then into your auric field.

Be patient as you practise this.

This can also be used for Protection.

Blast (any unwanted, dark or uncomfortable energies your feeling) with this LIGHT.

This can be a great way to feed your body with energy.

Step 13. Bringing energies into alignment

If you’ve got that urge to declutter or rearrange in your home environment, go for it.

Listen to your intuition that’s encouraging the changes that are needed.

The post have been to encourage grounding, connect with nature and your spirit self.  Cleanse out what’s not needed.  Bring in what you need.

It’s a natural process when we take some moments to enhance awareness for self, that our environment maybe in need of some changes as well.

Our sleeping, eating, living, communal areas inside and out may need changes.  Whether it’s to create, recycle or a cleanse.

I encourage you to take breaths into your heart space (be patient with self) and consider how you can make the environment more enjoyable.

Let the feel of the energy be in line with you now.  Create the environment to reflect you.


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