Story of Sunflowers, Sun and my Guide called He Who Words Blow In The Wind

   If sunflower petals were my stories to tell, they would fill my heart with love stories

Bees hum, sing songs of their journey, share secrets oh so sweet

Sunflower petal reflects upon my eye, sun blesses sunflowers, Petals reflects its rays

Hear sunflower love songs, stories for all to hear,

Breath sunflower messages, plant another seed

If sunflower petals were my stories, my heart would fill with joy

Memories come alive with sunflowers, from the center of its eye.

If sunflower petals were my stories, they would sit upon my chest, with my breath inwards, I could soak colours through my skin, I would ask the glow they show me, to be placed within my soul, shine like petals of sunflowers, shine outward.

    Oh, so sweet

The humming of this song of sunflowers was going for some time, sweet, but oh, it was like skipping in the sun’s rays upon earth, where I am and where I am going.  I also planted some sunflower seeds, look forward in this learning.

  Looking forward in this learning, did I write this, I probably did. But its not always like skipping in the sun’s rays, it’s dig deep, crawl out o the hole and try to emerge once again, that’s when the rays shine upon where one is and going.

  The seeds that were planted took a little time to show, they looked healthy, then wilted, then hope again appeared, yes I will continue on this learning.  do hope I get some sunflowers to appear.