Journey with spirit meditation

Breathe In … Breathe Out
Essence of my Breath
Through my Heart, In my Soul
Be it of stories yet to be told
Breathe in … Breathe out
Relax … Wisdom shared
Knowledge Unraveled
Breathe in … Breathe out
Peace Instilled

The following meditation gatherings allow opportunities for personal experience and expression within nature.

With an open heart, discover the benefits of being in nature and how this supports our everyday living.

  1. Stepping Stones is a short programme to work through at your own pace. It’s part of Back To Grass Roots: to encourage grounding, breathing, visualising, connect with nature and spirit self.  

 If you were in need of any guidance or support during the Stepping Stones programme, please contact through normal means, so via email. Consultations are charged as specified on website. Many consultations due to distant of clients is supported via phone or email.

  1. We meet up in nature for a Guided Meditation with Jennifer, and weather permitting the beat of the drum.

 Grounding through visualisation and breathing techniques, connecting with the vibration and consciousness of our surroundings, may our senses develop with the ever-changing environments we visit.

 Acknowledging the animals and wood spirits that are part of the drum. May their medicine and wisdom be shared as the drum harmonics travel the Earth and cosmos.


  1. Grounding Meditation 

Purchase and download here a beautiful, calming meditation recorded by Jennifer. Running for almost 30 minutes, the meditation costs $15, and will leave you feeling, calm, relaxed and refreshed.

Drawn in the Sand

A day of exploration, building and creating, connecting and working with the forces of nature for our advantage.

Inviting our spiritual guardians, we will weave our magic with Nature (weather permitting) or on paper (with different art mediums).

You will be encouraged to:

  • Discover what is in need of Releasing
  • Replacing with Hopes and Dreams (Repair, Heal)

    A Day To Honour Our Earth and Animals

    Meditation, relaxation, a gathering to honour our Earth, to nurture our connection to nature and animals.

    Discussions, exploring, connecting, story-telling and Ceremony to give thanks for Earths gifts and connect with spiritual guardians of the animal kingdom or nature. 

    Let’s celebrate our connection.

    Animals speak, so let’s create moments to listen.

    In sacred circle we create opportunity to give thanks.

    A day to feel compassionate for self and others, acknowledge our walk on Earth with many.   

    Petals of the Universe

    Is an extension of Back To Grass Roots, offering an opportunity to be in nature, held over two days on private property in the Aussie Mallee Bush.

    Invite natures spiritual guardians to join us, let us bring forth our innate knowledge, igniting ones soul memory, discover deeper understandings of what is needed to walk upon Earth, with respect for oneself, the waters, plants, animals and each other.

    Enrich your connection to nature through experience and guided encouragement from Jennifer, as we travel through some of the following techniques, not limited to, or inclusive to that particular gathering:


    Ritual - Opening/Closing Prayer/Ceremony


    Story Telling: Creating/Sharing Stories


    Guided Journeys: Meditation/Music/Drum


    Exploration: Chakra/Auric exploration. Ancestry/Inner-Child


    Strengthening conscious connection to Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether


    Creating with different art mediums to support expressions/tools needed to perform ceremony


    Developing skills: Cleansing/Clearing space


    Silence, tranquil moments

    Mallee Bush/Up The Block

    As I sit to meditate in amongst the trees, I sit and feel a little annoyed at the fly’s that land and constantly buzz around my head.  I’m also annoyed at myself because I can’t relax enough to enjoy the moment of tranquil. 

        Then as the moment stands still, the tree movements, the hanging bark speaks and beckons me to listen.  I realise they ask my mind to be still and breathe through my skin and watch what is happening.

        A tribe of people appear, families walking amongst the bush, I ask for permission to be there and I give thanks for allowing me to speak with them.  We exchange thoughts about this land and the animals that occupy it.  The kangaroos, emus, echidna, lizards, bird life, ants and bugs, hairy nose wombat and others.  We are pleased that it will stay sacred for these animals and for the tribes who occupy it in spirit.

      May their love of Mother Earth be present amongst us all.


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